Voluntary work for the Lidgetton Community Project


The project requires people with energy, vision, time, and a heart for the mental and physical nourishment of young children, to ensure them of adequate early childhood development, and thus a fair chance of growing up into high functioning adolescents and adults.

The project was established 12 years ago, targeting the growing no of AIDS orphans, with the aim of supporting families caring for these children.
Two years ago a soup kitchen was established in response to the high mortality rate amongst U5’s in the community – targeting the U5’s in the informal settlement

Three ‘housewives’ from the farming community, together with a trained community worker residing in the informal settlement, currently run the project.
It is a non-profit organisation, run on a voluntary basis.
A decision was taken not to register the project with the Dept. of Social Welfare because of the cost of running a registered NPO on a small budget. All income is derived from donations, mostly from Europe.

Interested persons, may contact Sandra Merrick.

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