LCP “Thank you” Newsletter - February 2016

Our Lidgetton Community Project had a successful year in 2015. The children received their regular weekly meals, thanks to Nokthula’s preparation thereof, as well as the food parcels going out once a month. The children connected to the project also received school uniforms, which we were not able to buy 8 months ago.

We received many wonderful donations in different ways from individuals as well as from groups/clubs. We have a long list of people to thank for their generous support in 2015:

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Lidgetton Community Project Update - July 2014

Nokuthula has finally been able to buy a plot of land in Lidgetton, right opposite the informal settlement, where most of the children come from who are receiving food from the Soup Kitchen. This is a perfect spot for her to be located for easy access to the children. She now wants to put up a fence so she can grow vegetables. Then, of course, comes the task of building.

On Nokuthla’s present property, where she is living, a small wooden shelter has been constructed where the children can eat and learn/play. Recently shelving was put up by Ronald McLelland. Thank you. Now their toys, books, and other learning materials and supplies can be stored properly.
A gate has been fixed by Gavin Hayhoe in front of Nokuthula’s house, to keep the local cattle out, who are often roaming around in the village.

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Lidgetton Community Project - Update January 2014

The past year has been a good year, generally speaking.
We had a bit of a setback when Nokthula fell and broke her leg in April, but she was very brave, and refused to let it get in the way of feeding the children. She insisted that ‘the show must go on’, and with the help of her old mum, her daughter Sizakele, who is still at school, and her friend Emma, the children never missed a meal!
We are so grateful to them for holding the fort, and for their hard work and assistance.

Emma is still with us, and replaces, first Witness, and then Dudu, who were recalled to their previous jobs with Bridges of Hope. We miss them both, as they did a marvelous job, for which we are very grateful. We are very pleased to welcome Emma as a permanent member of the team.

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Lidgetton Community Project - Update March 2012


In 2001, residents of Lidgetton grouped together to assist the increasing number of young children being orphaned by AIDS in the local village. Concerned individuals formed the Lidgetton Community Project, in an attempt to make a difference in the lives of these children, already deeply affected by their loss.

The aim of the project is to support these children within the larger support structure that already exists in the community, by supplying them with essential resources (food parcels, clothing etc) and encouraging self-sufficiency wherever possible (food gardens, craft skills training, etc).

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Lidgetton Community Project - Update October 2011


A brief update from our local South African Seva Project.

The Lidgetton Community Project (LCP), are in the process of setting up a Soup Kitchen. This concept will eventually replace the food parcels, which they give out to a group of Aids orphans and other needy children living in the community.

The Department of Health recently conducted a nutritional survey in Lidgetton of the children under the age of 5. The results were shocking - at least 50% of the children have been found to be severely undernourished and stunted.

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