2020 Closure

Dear Friends and Supporters 

2020 was a challenging year in Lidgetton. A community that is anyway very poor, suffered greatly during this time of lockdown and having even less.The local community of Howick were amazing in stepping up the amount of food that was donated to the Soup Kitchen. During the intense lockdown phase, the children we unable to go to school which meant missing their main meal. Nokuthula was feeding about 85 children everyday, as opposed to usually feeding about 30 children 3 times per week.

A huge thank you to Nokuthula for her amazing engagement and support of her community of children.

Christmas Party 2020
This year the Christmas Party in the Soup Kitchen was quieter, due to the Corona restrictions.A group of women from a local community made small bags for all the children.

A big thank you to all the ladies who sewed the beautiful bags.
Receiving their backpacks and enjoying their party.

Soup kitchen during Corona

Handing out blankets

Our small soup kitchen in Lidgetton is running very well, and especially during the Corona Lockdown period, which is still not over in South Africa.Up until now, Nokuthula has been feeding about 30 children 3x per week.

The meal she provides is usually to supplement their one main meal they receive at school each day. Since lockdown, no children were allowed to go to school, so this resulted in many children going hungry.

Nokuthula, since she also could not go to her regular job, opened up her soup kitchen everyday, and has been feeding up to 85 children daily since lockdown.

Because of the restrictions, she has had limited help, only from her daughter, ill mother and one friend.They seem to have managed amazingly.

They have received some financial support during this period, which is not happening so often there. They have also received a lot of support in goods, especially now that winter is there and Lidgetton is very cold!

They have received woollen hats, blankets and toys. At the beginning of June they were on the local radio station and this generated a lot of awareness and support, which was great.

They received R12 500 (€640)

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